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The Independent Publisher announced recently the winners of their annual  IPPY Awards.Independent Publishers IPPY Awards. "Shanghaied" by David Collins won a silver medal in the Young Adult category.

Shanghaied by David Collins was awarded a silver medal in the Young Adult Fiction category.

The continuing adventures – and misadventures – of Jack Sligo.

Drugged and shanghaied out of a seaman’s bar in a notorious Gulf port, Jack wakes up to find himself  far at sea on the African freighter S/S Iron Prince with no recollection of how he got aboard and no idea how, when and where he would  get off, if ever.

Jack Sligo is the narrative voice of author David Paul Collins. In his new book Shanghaied,  Jack weaves a sea tale based on Collins’ own experiences in the 1950’s aboard a Liberian iron ore freighter plying the oceans of the world.

At age 15, Jack runs away from his safe, secure Boston Irish home and family to “go to sea”.  His romanticized visions of working as a crew member on a luxurious cruise ship sailing to far-off places like London, Istanbul, even Hong Kong, adds fuel to his burning desire for adventure.

Jack certainly gets his adventure but it is nothing like he could have imagined.

The novel Shanghaied follows Jack as he passes from boy to man among men with stories of their own.  Winston, a Jamaican trying desperately to get home to his dying mother, becomes his compatriot and brother as they plot their escape. The Bo’sun, stern and gruff, keeps a watchful eye over the lowly Ordinary seaman Jack Sligo as he struggles to master the most menial and dirty tasks assigned to him.

Jack Sligo paints his story of months at sea and the occasional calls in exotic ports with vivid colors, swampy smells and renegade natives. The strange life on the ship, the sour stink from the galley are the backdrop to this tale of a true adventure at sea finally revealed.

Shanghaied Publication Date:  October 15, 2011
Book Review by Darlene Brice, September 27, 2011
“There were more than a hundred men edging in waves toward the front of the union hall. They all looked alike: square jaws, steely eyes, and sneering smiles. They were the toughest crowd God ever assembled in one massive room. From the little I knew of the world outside Boston, I understood that these men were the kind who would not live peacefully ashore. They belonged to the sea.”  Jack Sligo, Shanghaied
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