Jack Sligo Bio

Jack Sligo is the leading character in the book Shanghaied
by author David Paul Collins.Shanghaied book cover

Date of birth: 12/11/40

Hometown: Boston

Current location: Unknown

Political views: Independent

Religious upbringing: Irish Catholic

Interests: Exploring faraway places,  meeting strange people, adventure on the high seas, girls, travel, dancing,beer, collecting records, WWVA, football, basketball, baseball, merchant ships, fishing boats, dory boats, freighters and passenger liners.

Favorite Ports: New York, Savannah, Mobile, Puerto Ordaz, Port O’ Spain, Leningrad, Rotterdam, Southampton, Oslo, Stockholm, Beirut

Last Sighted: On a freighter bound for Hong Kong where he is recruited to become an undercover agent for M16, the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).

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