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“A novelized yarn describing the adventures of an Irish/American teenager who ran away to sea in the mid-1950s.

The author David Paul Collins was, indeed, shanghaied from the American port of Mobile, Alabama. It is later revealed that he was sold aboard ship by a gang for $100.
He was lucky. He landed on a ship crewed by a great bunch of West Indian and Filipino sailors. They looked after him, protected him from the first mate and educated him in a way that no school ever could.

His few months aboard taught him invaluable lessons about the world, about people, about racism and, even, about the sea and ships. It prepared him well for his formal education and, later, for the real world.

A very good read from a very perceptive writer.”

Excerpted from a review published by Baird Publications Ltd, Hong Kong

“There were more than a hundred men edging in waves toward the front of the Maritime union hall. They all looked alike: square jaws, steely eyes, and sneering smiles. They were the toughest crowd God ever assembled in one massive room. From the little I knew of the world outside Boston, I understood that these men were the kind who would not live peacefully ashore. They belonged to the sea.”  Jack Sligo, Shanghaied